Windy with whitecaps

The purpose of posting this photo is for you to see the whitecaps. I did take other photos and they may have been more aesthetically pleasing, but some of my fans or viewers don’t live in the city and like to keep posted with Duluth weather. I did notice that the leaves were blowing down the street. And I did try to read a book outside and the wind kept turning the pages too quickly for me. But it wasn’t until I went for a walk and looked down one of the avenues that I saw how Lake Superior was acting. Maybe it’s time to prepare for the “Gales of November?” Temperature on my home thermometer said 45 degrees. (This photo has not been enhanced. The colors truly are that vibrant.) Today has been an on-again-off-again with sunshine. Sometimes it has been overcast and sometimes the sun’s rays shone nicely.

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