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Minions in Lester Park

      I dropped my little dog off at North Shore Veterinary Hospital, which is waaaay out east by Lester Park. I drove by this doorstep and kept on driving, but then I just had to turn around. We just saw Minions in “Despicable Me 3.” It was the last outdoor movie of the year […]

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This Memorial Day we had a range of weather, a hard rain, with storms to the west, muggy, then hot and muggy with a bright sun. Then hot, and in the evening back down to the 50s. It was a beautiful day.

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Yellow Roadster for Skyline Parkway

Today a The Skyline Parkway Planning and Preservation Alliance held big party in Chester Bowl to celebrate 125 years. Everyone was encouraged to BYOP — bring your own picnic items. And Alliance provided the cake and ice-cream as well as games and a Dixieland band.  My mother really likes the color yellow, so as I scanned […]

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One day it’s the snow plow, the next the grader

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Hello Yellow

I took this photo for my mother who loves the color yellow.

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Wet leaves

Many times spring is traditionally thought of as the rainy season, but it seems to me it rains a lot in October.

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Construction cones

I like the  way these yellow leaves frame the traditional orange color of October on these cones in this truck with a green cab. Makes me wonder when construction workers will pick up all the cones that dot every other road and sidewalk in Duluth. I hate to say it but winter is around the […]

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Yellow above the Incline

This link shows a historical photo from Sheldon Aubut’s Duluth History  http://www.cityhistory.us/duluth/photos/hallston/incline_1.jpg

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Yellow Lady Bug

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