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St. Louis River canoeing

I joined the St. Louis River Alliance on a its annual Canoe trip and picnic at Chamber’s Grove to canoe down the St. Louis River and learned a little bit about the ecosystem. We saw a blue heron and a cove which will be rehabilitated to grow wild rice. We also paddled up to a woman’s house that had been flooded when the cliff on the opposite side of the river cause a huge wave to move through her house like a tidal wave. She spoke to us via a mega-phone.

Ice-covered rocks near lighthouse

A friend and I watched a movie at the cinema on Harbor Drive. After the movie we walked by the Lakewalk near the hotels and the canal. When she first invited me to for walking along the Lakewalk, I didn’t want to because of the sub-zero temperature. But the more I thought about the more I would like to say I braved the cold. We both worse several layers of clothing. I put some toe warmers in my boots, while still in the cinema lobby. The toe warmers contain iron powder,water, salt, activated charcoal and vermiculite. (Someday I will have to research them to see if they are environmentally-friendly.) The toe warmers stay warm for 6 hours. So I now have them in my slippers as I post this.  I’m not sure what the tempature was down at Canal Park, but it was very cold, my friend wanted to turn back for warm to Amazing Grace Bakery and Coffeeshop before I did. I credit the toe warmers for keeping me warm.

Sunset via Lake Superior

It’s rare to see a sunset in Duluth … unless you are out on Lake Superior. Notice the little “tower” to the right of the photo almost to the edge …(it looks like just a little blip.) It is Enger Tower,  a 5 story structure constructed of local bluestone. For our anniversary enjoyed a dinner cruise about the Vista Queen, a 66 foot long, 2 deck yacht-style vessel. It was extremely hot today. Up into the 90s but it’s usually cold and winding on Lake Superior, so I dressed casually in jeans, with a sleeveless blouse and a sweater. Well, for once it wasn’t cold. I didn’t need the sweater. it was unusually  warm.