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Black and White, no people, no explanation challenge

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Dirty Snow Bank

Saturday was a beautiful day. The temp reached up into the 60’s. Our snow has melted but there are some dirty snowbanks left at Miller Hill.

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Somebody is hopful

Sometimes there is a man using the lawn chair as a perch while he tosses a ball to his dog, but with today’s snow it looks like he is jumping the gun on spring weather. This is NOT an ice-fishing set up. This a lawn. I wasn’t sure if you would be tired of another […]

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Snow bud

The budding has began, even though the snow has not stopped. I hope that soon spring will be sprung!

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A heavy dusting

We woke up to a flocking of snow in Duluth Staurday morning. It wasn’t much but it is a heavy, wet snow.  

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flocked trees

Snow continued through the night and morning.

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This is more like Duluth’s March

Snow hit Duluth early this morning, but how many inches depended on the elevation. Downtown received rain, and over the hill received snow. Many schools decided last night to close. Those living closer to the lake, at the lower elevations didn’t understand why as they got no snow. Flooding caused closure of Duluth’s I-35 tunnels. […]

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More Snow

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Ice dam on roof

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Icicles may look cold, but we actually had one of our warmests days today. ¬†As I post this it is 36 degrees. What causes icicles on a roof?  

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