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Windy, Rainy Day

The temperature hovered at about 36 degrees with a pea-soup thick, gray sky and winds howling at about 38 mph.

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Inside the coppertop triangle

If you’ve never been inside the Coppertop church you might wonder what the inside looks like. Click here to see a view from the outside http://www.duluthdailyphoto.com/snow-in-the-wedges-of-the-coppertop/

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Old birch tree

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Our first snow

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Birch bark

I like the texture of the birch bark and the blue sky and yellow leaves in the background. Disclaimer I took this photo on Sunday. It was overcast in Duluth today (Tuesday, Oct. 27)

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Colorful Skyline Parkway

Sunday was a gorgeous day. Everywhere you looked beautiful leaved abounded. The sky was bright blue and the temp was up to 80 degrees. This Skyline Parkway near the Coppertop Church.

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