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FUMC “Coppertop” gardens

Do you notice the cornerstone with the year on the wall?

Grey’s Creek

2016.03.11. ddp Grey's creek - 1

Most of Grey’s Creek is covered or hidden. This is Grey’s Creek just below Skyline Parkway, white snow covers what used to be a lot for a house. My husband and I looked at the house when it was for sale in 2010. We thought it would be fun to have a creek in our back yard. Luckily we didn’t purchase the house.  In 2012 Duluth received torrential rains and flooded and the house was damaged. This house was demolished a few months ago. Above Skyline neighbors filled  the creek in with rock and debris (with city permission) “because they were paying taxes on a ravine.” Once it was filled a lawn was grown over it.  That was  about 50 years ago.  You may recall a blue car that fell in a giant pothole during the torrential rain. It wasn’t really a pothole it was Grey’s Creek trying to reclaim herself. See the watershed of Grey’s Creek here.  See the poor creek here. See the car in the pothole here.