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FUMC “Coppertop” gardens

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April snow storm

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snow floats around on Lake Superior

This photo was taken on Psalm Sunday, March 25. The snow on the lake is shifting around now. sometimes it move toward theĀ Aerial Lift Bridge and sometimes it moves away. The light shining on the snow caught my eye.

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It’s Guitar-playing Weather

Sometimes beautiful days cause a person to break out in song.

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Symbolic Home Plate

A symbolic baseball or softball home plate adorns this house. This house on Skyline Parkway. Do you suppose it’s a symbol for the family that they are safe at home?

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  Click to hear the Hallelujah Chorus Alleluia       On the way to Easter Sunday worship service in the Northland.

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Grey’s Creek

Most of Grey’s Creek is covered or hidden. This is Grey’s Creek just below Skyline Parkway, white snow covers what used to be a lot for a house. My husband and I looked at the house when it was for sale in 2010. We thought it would be fun to have a creek in our […]

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Silvery Blue

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