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Hidden art in the neighborhood during quarantine

Yesterday, while walking my dog, we went on a “Teddy Bear Hunt,” something fun for children during this coronavirus quarantine. ( #StayhomeMN ) Neighbors place Teddy Bears in their windows. Well, I thought I had found just about all the Teddy Bears in my neighborhood, so a ventured up Kenwood Avenue and saw many painted rocks strategically placed several feet or yards away from each other. Atlas, yesterday was one of the few days I didn’t bring my camera, so MaggieBW and I went for another walk today. This time I brought my smartphone. I hoped no one had taken the rocks. I wondered if children or college students painted and placed them. Or even a bored quarantined adult. Every few feet was another small rock. 

Today, I set out to capture those painted rocks on my camera. My home thermometer read 42 degrees, so instead of my usual winter coat, I wore a jean jacket. The 20 mph wind whipped my husband’s baseball cap off my head 3 times, sending me to chase it. And the College of St. Scholastica sign read 32 degrees.

The dog and I kept walking. There’s more to tell. But I will end here tonight.
Have you gone Teddy Bear hunting in your neighborhood?
Let me know in the comments.

Happy Spring!

Photo of rock, evergreens road and snow.
In some cultures in the Northern Hemisphere, the astronomical Vernal equinox (varying between 19 and 21 March) is taken to mark the first day of spring, and the Summer solstice (around 21 June) is taken as the first day of summer. I debated cropping off the bottom part of the photo, but I wanted you to see just how much snow we still have. Can you guess where I took this photo? This is basalt rock. Read about the Duluth Complex here.

Rock and patched road

2015.10.06. ddp rockJPG

This isn’t pretty, but it’s interesting and it’s “uniquely Duluth,” because of the rock and the patched road. Duluth is notorious for potholes. Also people like to leave things on the side of the road hoping someone else will take their stuff. When I first stopped the car to take this photo I didn’t notice the abandoned table, but then I did and decided to keep it in the photo because it added interest, and it’s what people do around here.  I think this rock is basalt, but it might be gabbo. http://www.lakesuperiorstreams.org/communities/duluth/geology.html