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Puddles and blossoms

This was taken in Lakeside

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Windy, Rainy Day

The temperature hovered at about 36 degrees with a pea-soup thick, gray sky and winds howling at about 38 mph.

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It’s so dark and drear that you can’t see the hill. Straight up the street is the hillside and it is usually visible. This photo was taken mid day.

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Dark and dreary

  El Nina has begun.

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The Jolly Jack O’Lantern

My hubby created the Jolly Jack O’Lantern. A cut zucchini from our garden forms the tongue and the flowers forming the headdress are also from our garden. In the photo you can see that the flowers are still blooming as we haven’t had a frost to kill them. And you might notice that the grass […]

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Wet leaves

Many times spring is traditionally thought of as the rainy season, but it seems to me it rains a lot in October.

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