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Fog and dirty snow

Today the tempature is mild (for us northerners) but the fog can be mystifying. I heard that it was raining in Pike Lake. It’s not raining along Skyline Drive, but the fog is think over the lake. Do you see the clock tower, and the Aerial Lift Bridge? And the smoke stack? The smoke stack is from the steam plant which is used to most of downtown Duluth. This photo was taken from the parking lot of the Coppertop church. I saw many other interesting scenes, but wanted to pull off in a space that was safe.

Grit and color

2016.03.11. ddp Dannie Duluth.jpg - 1

Ugly March grit juxtaposed with spring colors. Spring is in the air and prom dresses are in the windows. March is usually an ugly month of dirt, grit and mud. In this photo you can see that most of the snow has melted, it’s a bright, blue day and nothing says spring in the Northland like grit and pretty prom dresses. ┬áThis photo taken at the corner of Fourth Street and Tenth Avenue East.