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snow floats around on Lake Superior

This photo was taken on Psalm Sunday, March 25. The snow on the lake is shifting around now. sometimes it move toward the Aerial Lift Bridge and sometimes it moves away. The light shining on the snow caught my eye.

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Ice-covered rocks near lighthouse

A friend and I watched a movie at the cinema on Harbor Drive. After the movie we walked by the Lakewalk near the hotels and the canal. When she first invited me to for walking along the Lakewalk, I didn’t want to because of the sub-zero temperature. But the more I thought about the more […]

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Chocolate lake

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The Sjard

The Sjard on July 3.

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Peaceful scene by the lake

This is fun place to gather with friends along Lake Superior. This peaceful scene is at  Larsmont Cottages. It’s a few miles north of Duluth.

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The sailboats are back!

Wednesday nights are the Duluth Yacht Clubs sailboat races.

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Ship in the harbor

Superior is in the background. You can just see the clock tower in the foreground.

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Ona clear day you can see Wisconsin

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Silvery Blue

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  The water temperature of Lake Superior is very warm — barely above 40 degrees, but that’s a lot warmer than 17 below zero. Seen her is “seasmoke,” a phenomenon in which Arctic Sea Smoke or Steam Fog develops when very cold (arctic) air moves across relatively warm, open water. Strong upward fluxes of latent heat […]

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