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From bare to overgrown

My husband and I have been going for almost daily walks during the pandemic. We skipped a few days of walking.
For weeks, I had been frustrated with how bare and cold it was. Last week we got a couple of hot days, and the leaves, grasses, and flowers popped out. Today was a beautiful day we pulled weeds in our yard. After supper my husband asked if I wanted to go for a short walk. We were a little leery as a bear had been spotted in the area we usually walk. I didn’t get a photo of a bear, but here is one with our dog smiling and enjoying an evening walk. Do you see the lupins? I was trying to show off the nearly mature lupines, but instead, it’s showing off our happy dog.

Red Vines

Red vines


These red vines are on St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on East Superior Street.

From the church’s website.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was  designed by the prominent New York City Architectural firm of Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson.

Construction having began in April of 1912 and the first service held in it in May of 1913.

It is built in the perpendicular Gothic architectural style characterized by massive stone work inside and out, slate roof, leaded glass casement windows and truncated bell tower. The Parish House is a later addition, having been built in 1928-29.

The church itself is of typical cruciform shape having been patterned, on a much smaller scale, after Canterbury Cathedral.

I’ve taken photos of this church in the past. See these links:

Crisp, blue October sky