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Counting the votes

I’m sitting on the second floor of the Minnesota St. Louis County Courthouse. I know this isn’t really an exciting photo, but I didn’t want to freak the officials out by doing something more creative with my camera. The county auditor’s department is buzzing tonight as the votes are counted. (I have a spot job reporting the results to a research company, so I get to sit in the auditor’s “office” department to watch and listen and report the votes which will be used on television stations.) Tonight the staff has ordered pizza. One woman employee has a flag-type scarf on for the occasion.

Oh deer, Christmas decor among autumn leaves

2015.11.04 christmas deerThe city of Duluth has put up their Christmas decorations. This deer is atop the Priley Fountain in the Civic Center (The fountain in front of the County Court House). I noticed that the fountain was shut off and covered a few days ago. I think the Deer decorations are classy, but I dread thinking about winter. I’m sure the city put the decorations up now because it’s easier to do while the weather is still good.