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Making hay while the sun shines.

By making hay while the sun shines, I mean driving your convertible with the top down while you still can. I saw this car with the owner while on my way to my writers’ group. I thought, “Naomi, just concentrate on your driving.” But I couldn’t stand it because classic car owners just love to talk about their cars. And the owner was standing right there.  So I turned my car around and drove over to the man’s driveway and asked him if I could take a photo of his car.I guessed that it was a 1966, but he said the rear looks like a 1966 but front looks like a 1962. 

Amerikansuomalaiset – Finnish heritage Americans

Amerikansuomalaiset is the Finnish word for Finnish Americans.

Siniristilippu is the Finnish word for the Finnish flag.

Duluth is one of the few towns in the United States with a notable Finnish population. I’ve seen this car previously, but just had to take a photo tonight. It was like the car was right in front me saying “I’m proud of my Finnish Heritage.”  The Finnish flag is a blue cross against a white background.

Currently, more than one third of Duluth population, which identifies as from European ancestry trace that ansectory to Finland.

From Wikipedia: (In Duluth)  For decades, a Finnish-language daily newspaper, Päivälehti, was published in the city; it was named after the former Grand Duchy of Finland‘s pro-independence leftist paper. The Finnish community of Industrial Workers of the World(IWW) members published a widely read labor newspaper Industrialisti. From 1907 to 1941, the Finnish Socialist Federation and then the IWW operated Work People’s College, an educational institution that taught classes from a working-class, socialist perspective.

Yellow Roadster for Skyline Parkway

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Today a The Skyline Parkway Planning and Preservation Alliance held big party in Chester Bowl to celebrate 125 years. Everyone was encouraged to BYOP — bring your own picnic items. And Alliance provided the cake and ice-cream as well as games and a Dixieland band.  My mother really likes the color yellow, so as I scanned the area I just had to snap this photo her to enjoy. The added bonus is that it’s my husband in a yellow shirt holding our picnic cooler and blanket as he scans the area for a place for us enjoy our lunch.

This 1930 Chevy Roadster has a 50 horsepower engine and steel over wood framing with a rumble seat and wire wheels. It originally sold for $515 and 27, 651 were produced. Duluthians Sue and Dean Beeman own the car.

The card looks very similar to the one in this vintage postcard of Skyline Parkway

Posted by Friends of Skyline Parkway on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Skyline postcard

Over the years other names were used for the Parkway, including: Terrace Parkway, Rogers Parkway and The Boulevard.