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Ice-covered rocks near lighthouse

A friend and I watched a movie at the cinema on Harbor Drive. After the movie we walked by the Lakewalk near the hotels and the canal. When she first invited me to for walking along the Lakewalk, I didn’t want to because of the sub-zero temperature. But the more I thought about the more […]

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Steaming Lake Superior with ships

I’m not sure why all the ships are on the lake I can count six here. According to the Duluth Shipping News:┬áPlease be advised that due to the cold weather, ice is forming on Lake Superior causing vessels to move slowly and become delayed. There are also 12 foot waves on Lake Superior making vessels […]

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Healthy Sky, Healthy Walk

The non profit Healthy Duluth posted signs at various locations in downtown Duluth to encourage people to walk. This sign by the main library downtown Duluth encourages and entices people to walk by letting them know there multiple shopping and dining opportunities within a 10 minute walk. Notice the nice blue sky.

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Silvery Blue

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Old birch tree

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Blue house

Duluth doesn’t have that many rambler style houses. And it blue isn’t a common color for a house here either. This house is on Woodland Avenue I took this photo because I liked the colors and the way the sun is shining on the house.

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