Sun shines on a the buses on a rainy day

It was late in the afternoon when I realized that I hadn’t taken a photo for DDP yet. I decided that you out-of-towners might be interested in knowing that Saturday was a rainy day. I noticed the hybrid bus and wondered how many of you even knew that Duluth owns two hybrid buses, so there you have it, not exactly a touristy pretty picture, but at least you learned a couple things. (I waited for another regular bus to pull up  beside it so you could see the differences.)

Here is a little more information on hybrid buses taken from the DTA website: Hybrid bus motors act like generators. Through a process called “regenerative braking”, energy created while a bus slows or stops is converted to stored electric energy. Forty percent of the energy to accelerate the bus is actually energy saved during the braking process.

Here is a story form Yahoo news which cites the Budgeteer as its source:

Two Gillig Diesel/Electric Hybrid Join the Fleet

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