Feb 212013

The Hammond Steak House is in Superior almost immediately after a person drives over the Blatnik Bridge.

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Sep 302011

In the distance you can see a laker. In real life your mind’s eye edits out the power lines and poles. A person really notices them in a photo. We didn’t even notice the two young men (probably college students as this restaurant is in East Hillside) eating their lunches on the hood of the car until we notice the laker and took a photo.  We were sitting on the balcony of Burrito Union Here is a story I wrote  a few years ago about “the Burrito”: Duluth restaurant capitalizes on socialist theme. (Read the story to see how I chose the title of this post.)

We chose to sit outside because we love the food, but the aucostics in the building a bad. We wanted to talk to each other and actually hear each other. It’s very loud. It was a little chilly outside on the baclony in back overlooking the parking lot as well as a peek a boo view of the lake.

The photo below is a closeup of  the laker gracefully gliding by as we eat our meals of the “Happy Worker”  (veggie blend, red rice, black beans, ding sauce, red onions, dice tomatoes, cheese bland and pico de gallo  salsa.)  and the “Vegan Socialist.” ( Veggie blend, red rice, black beans, jalapenos, cilantro, red onions, cilantro lime vinaigrette, guacamole.) Mine, the “Vegan Socialist” was a burrito, my companion’s was a salad taco bowl. When my husband eats at the “B.U.” he usually gets the Fat Capitalist ( Achiote pork, red rice, black beans, cheese blend, red onion, seasoned sour cream and roasted tomato salsa.

Below is my favorite item on the menu: the Happy Worker; today I ventured out and explored something new: the Vegan Socialist. It was a very good burrito, but I ate so fast that I forgot to get a photo of it.  Next time I go with my hubby I will take a photo of his Fat Capitalist pork burrito.

In Duluth any day you can eat good food outside and see a lake glide by is a good day!

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Sep 282011

Sidewalk lunch in late September in Duluth is a good thing. Read about Takk for Matten here. Takk for Maten means: Thanks for the food in Finnish or Norwegian. Read a story I wrote here.

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Nov 032010

This restaurant is now selling my photo calendar, Everyday Duluth Calendars.

There is a restaurant in the Chester Park neighborhood called Sara’s Table at Chester Creek Cafe. They feature organic and sustainable foods. Here an employee takes a break at the garden beside the parking lot. There had been a  house next door, but it was razed to make room for a bigger parking lot and a garden. The garden turned out to be a gathering spot for the employees and friends of Chester Creek Cafe. Part of the parking-lot features permeable “bricks” which are made from recycled plastic. Chester Creek Cafe also provides a large dumpster where Duluthians can bring their foods scraps to compost.

You can read their link about farm to table food sources here.

Read reviews on the food here.

Here is Michael Stern’s review on the Diners, Drive-In’s a Dives blog, Fan’s of Guy Fieri

See more at What’s Cooking on TV. The episode ran in October

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May 132010

Forty years ago, the Radisson was one of Duluth’s first new hotels to locate close to the newly built DECC [Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center], that was back in the days before big brands started buying naming rights for large public structures.

Today the Radisson hotel gave a sneak preview of the revamped restaurant at the top of their 15th floor. The “Top of the Harbor” has undergone a complete change. It has been gutted and a new chef has been hired who will revamp the menu with locally grown foods and sustainable fish. And it’s new name, JJ Astor, reflects the American industrialist’s ties with Duluth.

[John Jacob Astor built his fur post next to the Ojibwe village in Fond du Lac, 20 river miles from the lake, and operated it for three decades, until 1847. When financier Jay Cooke brought in the first railroad, it came in along the banks of the St. Louis.] See Midwestweekends.com Duluth’s Other Waterfront.

The restaurant will have both a nautical theme and a JJ Astor them. Above shows the degrees of a compass which are all around the the 360 degree view restaurant.

The JJ Astor Restaurant, Lounge, and View will open June 9, 2010 in the former Top of the Harbor Restaurant—Duluth’s 40-year old landmark revolving restaurant with a 360-degree view.  Full of old world character and spirited tradition with a fresh modern irreverence, JJ Astor will be a lively place to share old stories, create new memories, and savor signature dishes made from sustainable local food.  Located at 505 W. Superior Street , Top Floor, Duluth , Minnesota .  For more information call 218-727-8981.

Read more from the DNT and the Radisson site here

As you can see, today was a rainy day.

And I learned a lot about J. J. Astor.  He was from Germany, his father was very hard on him, a Lutheran minister befriended him and helped him escape to London and the New World. He is also buried in Trinity Cemetery, which I found interesting as the New York based firm that owns the hotel is named Trinity Investors LLC.

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Jan 312010

Huie's Chopstick In

The bright red siding with yellow trim brightens up this block along East Fourth Street in the Central Hillside. This is one block from St. Mary’s Hospital [SMDC]. Read a couple reviews of Huie’s Chopstick Inn here. I try to be very true to the daily aspect of Duluth Daily Photo only using a photo I actually took that day. I confess I took this photo on Friday, Jan. 29. I wanted to use photo of the Wolf Moon that day so I didn’t get this photo posted. I am also traveling.

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