Dandelions and shovels

I noticed this whimsical scene in Lincoln Park. It’s fun to finally see some flowers even if they are dandelions, and the shovel behind it just shows that we are slow to put our shovels away in Duluth. (I actually took this photo on Mother’s Day, May 12. And we have had snow since then.

Sleet, rain and snow

Sleet and rain spurred this woman to use an umbrella today. Meanwhile up the hill snow fell and stayed on the ground.It was so cold in church that I keep a coat on the whole time. And we had an ice-cream social (maybe it should have been a hot chocolate social).

Kingsbury Creek

I didn’t doctor or fiddle with this image. It looks a little washed out. The leaves are just now gentle starting to pop out of a bud. The bridge and creek are behind the Lake Superior Zoo. Just as I was taking the photo a lioness hissed at me so I quickly moved on.


Mother Nature, We are ready for spring! (P.S. Viewers, I haven’t had as much time lately to take photos) I took this coming out of work. It looks much worse now at 11 p.m. Storm warning until 10 a.m. May 9.

Duluth Daily Photo