Iron Man

Iron man statue

My husband and I visited the Minnesota Museum of Mining in Chisholm. This Huge Iron Man statue is in the town of Chisholm. Titled “The Emergence of Man Through Steel,” the sculpture was designed by artist Jack Anderson and dedicated in 1987. The whole structure is 85 feet high, claimed to be the third largest free-standing memorial in the United States.

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Elevators store grain for the nation.

Duluth/Superior is an international port.
The lake is covered with ice and snow, no shipping of anything for a couple months. Duluth/Superior is an international port.
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Happy Valentines Day!

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Happy Valentines Day

This is a display in the window of Lester River Antiques on 3rd Ave. W.

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Icicles and ice dams

Today was was sunny and relatively warm. Many house have Icicles hanging from their roofs
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Just another few inches of snow

It snowed all day today. They are calling it “Lake effect snow.”
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Signpost in Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is emerging into a craft district.

This is a cute sign at the OMC Smokehouse that points out the interesting shops within a four block radius.
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Cattail arrangement with blue sky

This cattail arrangement is on West Superior Street near the OMC Smokehouse restaurant
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Tree trimming in the winter

It seems that every year the tree-trimmers from Minnesota Power are in the alley cutting branches. But once of the workers assumes me it’s only once every ten years. But with the summer storms we’ve had over the years, I know it has been more. There are two workers. Are you able to see them in there chartreuse vests?

There are two workers out in this scene. Do you see them? They are wearing chartreuse vests.

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