O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

This tree is inside of the Clyde Iron Works Building. It is  a unique building which has been transformed from a steel foundry –once making the steel beam for the Empire State Building to an event center with a restaurant. It sat vacant for many years Just think how high the ceiling must be to fit this tree in there… 
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Old Lester Park Library

Now it is a community center.

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I like it in Duluth

18.11.08 DDP Like it in Duluth

This is supposed to be a video, but I’m having troubles getting it to load as a video. If you click on the link it will play.

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I like it in Duluth

18.11.08 DDP Like it in Duluth

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Counting the votes

I’m sitting on the second floor of the Minnesota St. Louis County Courthouse. I know this isn’t really an exciting photo, but I didn’t want to freak the officials out by doing something more creative with my camera. The county auditor’s department is buzzing tonight as the votes are counted. (I have a spot job reporting the results to a research company, so I get to sit in the auditor’s “office” department to watch and listen and report the votes which will be used on television stations.) Tonight the staff has ordered pizza. One woman employee has a flag-type scarf on for the occasion.

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A little bit

Just a little bit of snow is enough to get your shoes wet, or your car slip and slide. (I took this photo on Sunday evening, Nov. 4)

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Duluth Junk Hunt

On my way to the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner, I saw this truck parked outside the door of the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center. I thought it made an interesting sight and the sun shining on the packages helped liven up the photo. The words on the hood are Duluth Junk Hunt.

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water droplets crab apples

Rain covered these unpicked crabapples. Maybe the apples will be eaten by birds.

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Vigil in remembrance and solidarity with Tree of Life Synagogue

A vigil was held at the corner or Lake Avenue and Superior Street on Mon. Oct. 29 in remembrance and solidarity with Tree of Life Synagogue.

Each victim’s name is listed on the poster board. The bell, in the center left of the photo, was rung as each name was read.

Here is a video of the event by the Duluth News Tribune: Twin Ports Jewish Community Holds Vigil For Those Killed In Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

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Droplets on leaf

I was struck by the perfectly round water droplets on each section of this leaf.

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