Heavy equipment

0812. DDP indian heavy equipment - 1

On Sunday this heavy equipment took a rest in the parking lot of First United Methodist Church. The equipment has spent the past few weeks ripping up and repaving Skyline Parkway.

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Horse carriage in Canal Park

0803.ddp. horse canal park - 1 adj

Today was hot about 83 degrees and kinda of muggy.


0803.ddp. horse canal park2 - 1

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Bee on flower

0801 bee on a flower.jpg - 1

How many bees do you see? Is the insect on the lower left a bee?

Learn more about the importance of bees here: I am my brother’s beekeeper.

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Laughter on National Night Out

0802 ddp.NNO CHUM laughter adj

National Night Out is a time when neighbors gather together to get to know each other. It  is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community. partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, better places to live. This people are at CHUM, a nonprofit that helps people experiencing homelessness.

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Yellow Roadster for Skyline Parkway

731 yellow car and terry - 1 adj

Today a The Skyline Parkway Planning and Preservation Alliance held big party in Chester Bowl to celebrate 125 years. Everyone was encouraged to BYOP — bring your own picnic items. And Alliance provided the cake and ice-cream as well as games and a Dixieland band.  My mother really likes the color yellow, so as I scanned the area I just had to snap this photo her to enjoy. The added bonus is that it’s my husband in a yellow shirt holding our picnic cooler and blanket as he scans the area for a place for us enjoy our lunch.

This 1930 Chevy Roadster has a 50 horsepower engine and steel over wood framing with a rumble seat and wire wheels. It originally sold for $515 and 27, 651 were produced. Duluthians Sue and Dean Beeman own the car.

The card looks very similar to the one in this vintage postcard of Skyline Parkway


Skyline postcard

Over the years other names were used for the Parkway, including: Terrace Parkway, Rogers Parkway and The Boulevard.






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Ripe Raspberries in Duluth

0730.ddp raspberries plant.jpg - 1


0730.ddp raspberries bowl.jpg - 1

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A grateful public

07 31 ddp Thank you adj 207 31 ddp Thank you adjWednesday while I driving on Superior Street by Condgon Creek I saw a Thank you sign to the power crews. I thought about stopping and taking a photo. The sign was made of cardboard and attached to a utility pole. I was busy so I didn’t stop, On Thursday I looked for it, but it was gone. I wondered if maybe a worker had taken it home. But today a friend send me a phot0 of this thank you sign. It says: Thank you power and clean up crews. It’s at the corner of Arrowhead Road and Wallace Ave. For those living outside of Duluth, thousands of people were without power for days. Some people were without power for 7 days.  According to the Duluth News Tribune

About 46,000 customers in Minnesota Power’s service area — and more than 75,000 total across the Northland — lost power in the wake of the Thursday, July 21,storm.

Notice the tree branches along the street on the left hand side of the photo. There were so many trees down that the city told residents to put the debris along the street arranged for crews to go through neighborhood and pick up debris. (Photo courtesy Ann Redelfs.)

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0728. Lemonade.jpg - 1

These kids are selling Lemonade on Superior Street in Lester Park

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Congdon downed tree

0727.ddp.tree down - 1

This house is in the Congdon Neighborhood.

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Downed tree

0725. ddp downed tree - 1

This house is near Chester Park. It is the aftermath of the early Thursday morning storm with hurricane force winds. As you can see they have electrical power. Some neighborhoods still do not have power. This will be the fifth day of no power for some. Minnesota Power is saying some people will not get power until Thursday. going on the

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