Snow, wind, snow

It is April 16. These are the steps to the Coppertop Church. Someone had already shoveled them off before services. The snow just keeps coming down, the forecast is for 100% precipitation until 3 a.m. The wind has died down to 15 mph. Yesterday, the wind whipped the glasses right off the face of a friend.

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Forecast, windy with whitecaps, blowing sand and gravel

I know technically the above photos isn’t the best photo, but I figured my fans would be disappointed if they didn’t get a look at the our beautiful usually deep blue Lake Superior now colored brown with the whitecaps. The wind blew the cap of my head once, after that I held onto my hat. A blizzard with heavy show is forecasted for Sunday. Minneapolis and South Dakota are getting a blizzard today. We’ll see if Duluth gets a blizzard, but for now, “bundle up and hold on to yer hat!”

Below is the photo that I originally figured I’d use in DDP. I snapped this  a little after 2 p.m. at the Clyde Iron Works Restaurant. It is an old factory, which had been rundown for many years. Now it repurposed as a restaurant and Event Center. Fun Fact: Duluth workers made the steel beams for the Empire State Building at this factory. Read more history here.

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A couple and a couple of hobo bowls

I snapped this photo at the The Juice Pharm. This twosome, who are UMD students, are enjoying Hobo Bowls.  Located in lower East Hillside, Juice Pharm, 12 S 15th Ave E., is a “hole-in-the-wall” space, and it’s a delightful space — bright and cheery with large picture window. It seats only a few people. (Many visit it on a take-out basis.) Their take-out containers are environmentally-friendly. Juices poured into Mason jars and if taken out have a plastic top. I’ve had two meals there the Mexicali tacos and a salad recommended by a friend. The salad was good, but, without a doubt, I will be ordering the the Mexicali Tacos again.

P.S. It’s kinda a grey, windy, cold day and we are waiting for a storm.

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People and dog



I was walking downtown on superior street and saw these two persons crossing the Superior Street. After they crossed I realized I knew the woman on the left. She is Ellen Vaagan and has a blog called Vaagen’s Vegan Sauce.

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Sun shines on sign

I took this photo for two reasons: to show that the sun was shining and to show the sign warning that the street will be closed. Duluth will be redoing Superior Street this summer. This message is from “Word on the Street,”

“Downtown Duluth will be undergoing a historic transformation with the reconstruction of Superior Street. Over the span of three construction seasons, segments of Superior Street will be carefully revitalized with improved utilities providing reliable services to current and future generations of customers and beautified streetscapes with inviting common public spaces.”

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Art gallery talk



On Tuesday night I went to the Duluth Art Institute  for a gallery talk titled, “Art and Culture: Writing for Art that is Deeper than Ourselves,” Mason Riddle is an art historian with an MA in Art History and Museum Practice from the University of Minnesota. She writes about the visual arts and architecture for local, regional and national publications.

She spoke about her personal experiences writing about art, and how she gets to know the culture of the artists. One of the hardest parts of writing about art, she says, is deciding what the angle you want to write about and keeping it succinct.

Sponsored By: Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, Lloyd K Johnson Foundation, Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, and Generous Donors

This exhibit of insects is in the Duluth Depot. These are very oversized. To get an idea of scale, See the doors in the upper left corner. Learn more about The Duluth Depot.


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Think spring!

Snow is forecasted for the end of the week.  Some yards have snow and some don’t. I took the dog for a walk today and all the sidewalks were clear.

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Holy Humor Sunday

This woman is a Christain Clown. Last Sunday, the Sunday after Easter she explained her faith journey with us and why she became a church clown. Many American churches are resurrecting an old Easter custom begun by the early Greek Christians — “Bright Sunday” or “Holy Humor Sunday” celebrations on the Sunday after Easter. For centuries in all Christian faith traditions, the week following Easter Sunday was observed by the faithful as “days of joy and laughter” with parties and picnics to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Visit the Holy Humor Website at

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Zebra mussels, invasive species

Zebra mussels are an invasive species to Minnesota and can wreak havoc on our lakes. I  visited a Minnesota Sea Grant booth at the home show at the DECC today

What problems can they cause? Zebra mussels can:

 clog irrigation intakes and other pipes,

 attach to boat motors and boat hulls, reducing performance and efficiency,

 attach to rocks, swim rafts and ladders where swimmers can cut their feet on the mussel shells,  attach to and smother native mussels, and

 eat tiny food particles that they filter out of the water, which can reduce available food for larval fish and other animals, and cause more aquatic vegetation to grow as a result of increased water clarity.

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Market Day ~ Something Local

Today I stopped in at Market Day, a small store specializing in locally made products. It’s located at 12 N. 3rd. Ave. W. Proprietor Lanae Rhoads holds up a homemade eyeshadow palette. She leads classes in how to make your own cosmetics. The next class is April 20 for creating eyeshadow. Classes on all types of subjects are run throughout the month.

Lanae Rhoads says, “You can try your hand at creating an eyeshadow base that you then add color to or you can use the eyeshadow base I have created and spend the time creating the perfect colors for you. It depends how adventurous you are feeling. I will lead you through the whole process in a fun and relaxed environment. This is a project that pairs well with a friend and a glass of wine. ”

Classes range from jewelry making to painting to brewing kombucha

See Market Day’s schedule of classes here.

Other local products scheduled this summer are  CSAs for vegetable and farmed good, flowers and herbal and essential olds. (I posted about the farmers the other day.

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