Fog on below zero day

Fog on a winter morning
Fog on a winter morning

Friday was another bone-chilling day. It was challenging taking this photo because it was so cold. The windchill was 22 degrees below zero. It took me just about as long to bundle up to go outside as it did to take the photos. I wanted to stay out longer to try a different camera lens, but my  trigger finger was getting to cold.

Duluth, Minnesota (Airport)
Updated: 6:55 PM CST on December 11, 2009
-14 °C
Windchill: -22 °C
Humidity: 63%
Dew Point: -20 °C
Wind: 15 km/h / 4.1 m/s from the SW

Pressure: 1019 hPa (Falling)
Visibility: 16.1 kilometers
UV: 0 out of 16
(Above Ground Level)
Snow Depth: 7.62 cm
Elevation: 435 m
Rapid Fire Updates:
Enable Disable
Source for Current Conditions:
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Bitterly cold fog

Bird flying over ship on  cold, foggy Lake Superior
Bird flying over ship on cold, foggy Lake Superior

It was bitterly cold today and this morning steam rose from Lake Superior as a lone ship boat waited outside the harbor. It made an interesting site. The Lake is usually about 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature on land was below zero. The tempature shown below says it was only 6 below, but it felt much colder. The windchill was 21 degree below zero.

From iGoogle

0°F | °C
Current: Clear
Wind: S at 10 mph
Humidity: 73%
7°F | -6°F
Mostly Cloudy
14°F | 5°F
Mostly Cloudy
21°F | 20°F
29°F | 20°F


Parked-train-blocks-view-of-Lake-SuperiorOne of the great things about living in Duluth is seeing Lake Superior. Today a people expressed concern that this empty coal train would be parked here for the winter and block the enjoyment drivers get seeing the lake. I am not sure if this is train is destined to spend the winter parked here or not. The cars are empty. The train extends from several blocks from the tunnel at about 14th Avenue East to the 21st Avenue East exist of I-35. If the plans are to have the train there all winter it is too bad it could be taken up a few block north so the view would not be hidden.

We had a snow storm last night. It was too bad for Duluth, but our neighboring state to the south, Wisconsin, was essentially closed for the day.

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