Warm summer night at the Aerial Lift Bridge

I was ready to just post “Sorry peeps, no new Duluth Daily Photo today. My day job took all day and half the night, two days in a row.” But then I thought, “Well, I could post a photo someone else took yesterday.”

It's those little moments that keep me going.

Photo by a Milwaukee college student on vacation.

Yes, this is supposed to be “‘Sundog’s’ Duluth Daily Photo.” And let me tell you this little Sundog has been working like a dog the past few days. Once in a while she gets to enjoy herself, like yesterday she decided she needed to get out and take photos of the sail boats at Canal Park.

I once heard of a study on the happiness of parents. Most said their job as parent was really hard and moment-by-moment they really weren’t that happy, but one little “I wuv you mommy,” or “I wuv you Daddy,” make the job as parent worth the dreary moments.

That’s how you might describe my day job. Moment by moment it’s filled with stress and really hard for me, but once in a while a super-bright moment shines through making me feel the hard work is worth the effort.  I guess that’s why my tagline is “Determined as a terrier.”

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