Ice is breaking up

The ice is breaking up. I like this photo for the bright blue sky and the white chunks of ice. I also like the design that the movable docks make against the building. Only a couple hours earlier it had rained. I have gray, rainy looking photos from today too.

This is a view of Canal Park from the DECC (Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center) area. It is the middle of March and finally the ice is beginning to break up. The tall building to the right is the DeWitt-Seitz Building.


The DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace stands at the center of Duluth’s waterfront in the heart of Canal Park. Architect John Wangenstein designed the building in the mainstream of the commercial style, developed first by Louis Sullivan. Built in 1909 for the DeWitt-Seitz Co., a furniture jobber and mattress manufacturer, this eight story building has undergone several transformations over the years.

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