Ice dam in downspout

It was really quiet this morning as I was walking, then I heard a noise. I couldn’t figure out who it could be as there was no one around. Turned out it was the cracking and falling of ice in this downspout.  I guess this would be an ice dam. Lots of people have had problems with them this season. Here is a link on ice dams.

The weather was fairly mild today.  I ran out without my mittens, but it was okay.  After nightfall my fingers got a little cold on the steering wheel.

19°F | °C
Current: Clear
Wind: N at 0 mph
Humidity: 56%
Partly Cloudy
30°F | 3°F
Partly Cloudy
34°F | 19°F
Mostly Cloudy
34°F | 21°F
Partly Cloudy
33°F | 17°F

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