Hidden art in the neighborhood during quarantine

Yesterday, while walking my dog, we went on a “Teddy Bear Hunt,” something fun for children during this coronavirus quarantine. ( #StayhomeMN ) Neighbors place Teddy Bears in their windows. Well, I thought I had found just about all the Teddy Bears in my neighborhood, so a ventured up Kenwood Avenue and saw many painted rocks strategically placed several feet or yards away from each other. Atlas, yesterday was one of the few days I didn’t bring my camera, so MaggieBW and I went for another walk today. This time I brought my smartphone. I hoped no one had taken the rocks. I wondered if children or college students painted and placed them. Or even a bored quarantined adult. Every few feet was another small rock. 

Today, I set out to capture those painted rocks on my camera. My home thermometer read 42 degrees, so instead of my usual winter coat, I wore a jean jacket. The 20 mph wind whipped my husband’s baseball cap off my head 3 times, sending me to chase it. And the College of St. Scholastica sign read 32 degrees.

The dog and I kept walking. There’s more to tell. But I will end here tonight.
Have you gone Teddy Bear hunting in your neighborhood?
Let me know in the comments.

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