Forecast, windy with whitecaps, blowing sand and gravel

I know technically the above photos isn’t the best photo, but I figured my fans would be disappointed if they didn’t get a look at the our beautiful usually deep blue Lake Superior now colored brown with the whitecaps. The wind blew the cap of my head once, after that I held onto my hat. A blizzard with heavy show is forecasted for Sunday. Minneapolis and South Dakota are getting a blizzard today. We’ll see if Duluth gets a blizzard, but for now, “bundle up and hold on to yer hat!”

Below is the photo that I originally figured I’d use in DDP. I snapped this  a little after 2 p.m. at the Clyde Iron Works Restaurant. It is an old factory, which had been rundown for many years. Now it repurposed as a restaurant and Event Center. Fun Fact: Duluth workers made the steel beams for the Empire State Building at this factory. Read more history here.

2 thoughts on “Forecast, windy with whitecaps, blowing sand and gravel”

  1. I didn’t know that about the steel beams. Glad this factory was repurposed instead of being torn down. Sorry about the storm. This is the time of year when storms are ever more depressing! Stay warm and stay safe!

    Lake Superior looks frightening!

    1. I love the detail about Iron Range iron being transformed at this factory for the steel used in erecting the 1931 Empire State Building.

      There’s an old factory in Manassas, VA next to the depot there that has some of the largest, tallest, straightest white pine beams I’ve ever seen. I just know that wood must have come from the old growth forests of Minnesota!
      Ta, Carol

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