Duluth Pack packs a warming-fire

A warming-fire for the public at the Duluth Pack store.
A warming-fire for the public at the Duluth Pack store.

Tonight many people shopped in Canal Park. Here an employee of the Duluth Pack store stands outside on Canal Park Drive by a warming fire he had built to add to the holiday shopping ambiance.  Ironically it was a balmy 30 degree Fahrenheit so the fire wasn’t really needed. But then again most people don’t want to stand around outside when it is much colder. So it was a fun thing to see.

A Duluth Pack is what the trappers and packers used in Minnesota 150 years ago to transport furs in canoes.
Ironically today is the 127th anniversary of Camille Poirer, applying for a patent on the Duluth Pack. The site says: On December 12, 1882, Camille filed for a patent on a new type of packsack. It was a canvas sack that closed with a buckled flap, had new-fangled shoulder straps in addition to the traditional tumpline, a revolutionary sternum strap and an umbrella holder (for portable shade in this newly cutover country.)

To learn about the history of Duluth Pack read here.

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