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Pride Fest

0905.ddp pride fest
I’m just trying to AGAIN get in the habit of posting a photo every day . Theoretically it should take 5 minutes. But something always goes wrong. Duluth Pride Fest There is lots of activity in the Twin Ports this weekend for Pride Fest. This is First Street and Third Avenue West. I can hear the music from my house

Lifeguard on Duluth

I took this photo on the last Saturday in August. There were few people on the beach. It’s so cool that Duluth has a nice beach like this, even is it usually is very cold. I went to Zumba classes on the beach sponsored by the Y on Saturdays this summer. Those classes on the beach are over, so it will be time to move indoors.
0829.Ddp lifeguard

The contruction continues


If you look closely you can see workers near the center top of the blue and also on the second to top floor. Semi-tucks carrying construction material frequently travel up 5th Avenue West, which makes for some interesting cargo traveling by. (My office is in the brown brick building and I’m not too thrilled about this new tower going up on Superior Street because it blocks my view.) 08.28.15 ddp maurcies contruction