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Do you see the deer?

As I was walking along Skyline Parkway I notice something in the woods. Do you see it?

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Steaming Lake Superior with ships

I’m not sure why all the ships are on the lake I can count six here. According to the Duluth Shipping News: Please be advised that due to the cold weather, ice is forming on Lake Superior causing vessels to move slowly and become delayed. There are also 12 foot waves on Lake Superior making vessels […]

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August is too early

This hot weather has been beastly, but I’m  not ready for our leaves to turn colors in anticipation for autumn

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Yellow Roadster for Skyline Parkway

Today a The Skyline Parkway Planning and Preservation Alliance held big party in Chester Bowl to celebrate 125 years. Everyone was encouraged to BYOP — bring your own picnic items. And Alliance provided the cake and ice-cream as well as games and a Dixieland band.  My mother really likes the color yellow, so as I scanned […]

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Painting in the rain

Two Plein air artist painting in the plain rain on Sunday July 10. “This is what plein air artists do,” Wegler said of painting in the rain.

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