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Bicyclists converge in Duluth

Two trailers full of bicycles sat in the parking lot of the Coppertop parking lot. I’m told it’s a group of Christain bicyclists traveling through Minnesota. On the Rocks Ministries is a Christian non-profit place for kids to hang out. It looks like they have some very fun activities.    I lifted this from their […]

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Rainy day

Couldn’t take any beautiful ship photos today because of the fog and rain. It was raining so much that my little doggie wouldn’t go outside to go potty. So finally we walked outside with her. But that’s not a good image to think about. Think about the beautiful blossoming trees in Duluth and how the […]

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Foggy day

Today it was foggy on Skyline Parkway and further up the hill, but downtown and Canal Park were clear. As soon as hitting 6th Street the air clear out. Skyline around this area would be considered 14th Street if it had a number.  From the City of Duluth on Skyline Parkway: Skyline Parkway is one […]

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Don’t sweep salt and grit into our streams

This photo was actually taken on Friday afternoon. It’s been a close call for the City to know when to have the street sweepers out and when to have the snowplows out. It did snow a bit on Friday. If all the salt and grit runs into our drainage systems it runs into the lake […]

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Deer along Skyline

As I walked along Skyline Parkway, I heard some noise in the brush. It turned out to be four deer. This photo is the most obvious that there is a deer, the others were very camouflaged.

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Explosion at oil refinery

As I was on my way to a meeting I noticed a smokestack in Superior with a little black smoke coming out of it, and a little flame in the smokestack. By time my meeting was over the same area was billowing with black smoke. Superior residents said the explosion rocked their houses. Residents were […]

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Yum, Yum, the church smells good

It’s not fall, but it is the Coppertop’s Roast Beef Dinner tomorrow. The Lakeview Social Hall is filled with parishioners peeling, slicing and cutting apples for homemade apple pies. Seen here are the Rev. Jeanine Alexander and her mother Sharon. Some pies were in the oven as I took this photo and it sure smells […]

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Shirtless in Duluth

Though our ships are still cutting through ice, and snow is on the ground, it got up to 60 degrees today. And it looks like track has started for Marshall school. Here a group of boys run shirtless. Surely it’s a sign of spring.

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Laker arrives in April ice

Though I already posted one photo today, “Shirtless in Duluth,” this one is paired with it … a laker gliding through the ice into the canal.

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Snow, wind, snow

It is April 16. These are the steps to the Coppertop Church. Someone had already shoveled them off before services. The snow just keeps coming down, the forecast is for 100% precipitation until 3 a.m. The wind has died down to 15 mph. Yesterday, the wind whipped the glasses right off the face of a […]

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