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Shirtless in Duluth

Though our ships are still cutting through ice, and snow is on the ground, it got up to 60 degrees today. And it looks like track has started for Marshall school. Here a group of boys run shirtless. Surely it’s a sign of spring.

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Laker arrives in April ice

Though I already posted one photo today, “Shirtless in Duluth,” this one is paired with it … a laker gliding through the ice into the canal.

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Snow, wind, snow

It is April 16. These are the steps to the Coppertop Church. Someone had already shoveled them off before services. The snow just keeps coming down, the forecast is for 100% precipitation until 3 a.m. The wind has died down to 15 mph. Yesterday, the wind whipped the glasses right off the face of a […]

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Cross draped with black cloth

  This cross is in the stairwell of Duluth First United Methodist Church, A.K.A.

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snow floats around on Lake Superior

This photo was taken on Psalm Sunday, March 25. The snow on the lake is shifting around now. sometimes it move toward the Aerial Lift Bridge and sometimes it moves away. The light shining on the snow caught my eye.

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Snow and blue lake water

A high wind broke up the ice on Lake Superior, and snow covered the ice. The pure white snow looks lovely and the blue water changes hues during the day. The other evening the water was a soft turquoise blue. It fun watching the lake ice and water color change.

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Snowbanks over her shoulders

We have a “low” dog. She has basset hound blood. I couldn’t get her to stop at the best spot so this will have to suffice. Hubby says it got up to 40 degrees today. You can see the puddle of water near the top of the photo. This kind of weather worries me because […]

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Snowy streets

Today Duluth’s streets were full of snow as it snowed much of the night. The main thoroughfares were plowed, but many side streets and alleys were not. Many people were stuck in their homes or literally got their vehicles stuck. I was going to try to walk to church, but the sidewalks were not clear […]

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Snow puppies

    Lots of snow today, and as we went for a walk we met a 7 week old puppy.

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View of Garfield Avenue

Today I rode by Enger Tower. The view of the lake and the industrial area is always spectacular. This photo doesn’t do it justice. And the trees in front cut of the grain elevators. Notice the open lake to the left.

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