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Pastoral Day

Today was a Perfect Duluth Day at North Country Ride in Esko, Minn. My daughter and I spent the afternoon at the therapeutic horse ranch conditioning horses to their new roles of healing disabled people, by letting people ride them.

Although those clouds may look looming, the temperature was about perfect, and when it did rain, we were in the arena with horses name Dixie and Misty Rain. How apropos that Misty Rain served as a companion on this day.

I double-checked the phrase “pastoral day,” before I typed it into the blog and found out June 5, 2020 was the official Pastoral Day; it was Beethoven Pastoral Day. A post on a website stated: “Beethoven loved Nature – we love it, too!”

Walking with horses

Today, my daughter and I worked with a horse named Dixie at North Country Ride. The goal is to get Dixie used to people riding her. Then she will be used as a therapy horse for disabled people. Horse-riding is therapeutic for disabled people. Riding causes a person’s muscles to move in the way that they are supposed to. Some mute individuals have even spoken while with horses.
Dixie is a new horse (quarter horse) to the stable. She and her stablemates are from a farm where they were not to human interaction, so accustoming to people is part of the goal.