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Rainbow over Lake Superior

Most of the snow in Duluth has melted, but snow is still shifting around near Canal Park and Park Point

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St. Louis River Alliance Vista Star Boat tour of the estuary

I was on the boat (on Tuesday, Sept. 11) with hundreds of people who seized the opportunity to get on the water and learn about St. Louis River Alliance and connect with the estuary.  They, (I want to say “we” but I was too busy taking posed smiling faces) enjoyed the view of the estuary […]

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Lazy July Sunday

Today was very hot, so warm that a person doesn’t feel like doing anything. These “lazy bums” at Brighton Beach just taking it easy. We joined our friends for a picnic at Brighton Beach, it felt much cooler at the beach than it did in town. 

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The view on Scenic Highway 61

*Hello, long time no see. It’s nice to have friends who live along the North Shore on Scenic Highway 61, also known as Congdon Blvd. If you’d like to read the history of the Road made famous by Minnesota son, Bob Dylan see this link.  To hear Bob Dylan’s rendition of Highway 62 listen here. […]

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Laker arrives in April ice

Though I already posted one photo today, “Shirtless in Duluth,” this one is paired with it … a laker gliding through the ice into the canal.

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Forecast, windy with whitecaps, blowing sand and gravel

I know technically the above photos isn’t the best photo, but I figured my fans would be disappointed if they didn’t get a look at the our beautiful usually deep blue Lake Superior now colored brown with the whitecaps. The wind blew the cap of my head once, after that I held onto my hat. […]

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snow floats around on Lake Superior

This photo was taken on Psalm Sunday, March 25. The snow on the lake is shifting around now. sometimes it move toward the Aerial Lift Bridge and sometimes it moves away. The light shining on the snow caught my eye.

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Snow and blue lake water

A high wind broke up the ice on Lake Superior, and snow covered the ice. The pure white snow looks lovely and the blue water changes hues during the day. The other evening the water was a soft turquoise blue. It fun watching the lake ice and water color change.

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View of Garfield Avenue

Today I rode by Enger Tower. The view of the lake and the industrial area is always spectacular. This photo doesn’t do it justice. And the trees in front cut of the grain elevators. Notice the open lake to the left.

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Steaming Lake Superior with ships

I’m not sure why all the ships are on the lake I can count six here. According to the Duluth Shipping News: Please be advised that due to the cold weather, ice is forming on Lake Superior causing vessels to move slowly and become delayed. There are also 12 foot waves on Lake Superior making vessels […]

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