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Forecast, windy with whitecaps, blowing sand and gravel

I know technically the above photos isn’t the best photo, but I figured my fans would be disappointed if they didn’t get a look at the our beautiful usually deep blue Lake Superior now colored brown with the whitecaps. The wind blew the cap of my head once, after that I held onto my hat. A blizzard with heavy show is forecasted for Sunday. Minneapolis and South Dakota are getting a blizzard today. We’ll see if Duluth gets a blizzard, but for now, “bundle up and hold on to yer hat!”

Below is the photo that I originally figured I’d use in DDP. I snapped thisĀ  a little after 2 p.m. at the Clyde Iron Works Restaurant. It is an old factory, which had been rundown for many years. Now it repurposed as a restaurant and Event Center. Fun Fact: Duluth workers made the steel beams for the Empire State Building at this factory. Read more history here.

Signs of spring in Duluth

This might not be what you would typically expect for a “signs of spring,” post. Notice the sun shining on the footwear, and notice that many are boots by some are sandals or shoes. Either one was appropriate for this day. This was a taken at a ribbon cutting for a new business, Runa Yoga. The business is located in the new Kenwood Village Complex.

Snowy streets

Today Duluth’s streets were full of snow as it snowed much of the night. The main thoroughfares were plowed, but many side streets and alleys were not. Many people were stuck in their homes or literally got their vehicles stuck. I was going to try to walk to church, but the sidewalks were not clear either. Snowshoes would have helped. I phoned a member of the church who had a 4-wheel drive and he brought me to church. (He also brought the pastor to church.)