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One, two, three, how many do you see?

At first I heard some rustling, and I thought a person was standing outside the garage and I was a little afraid. Then I saw one deer standing on the steps Then two, Then Three!

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Smooth Stones

These smooth smooth, which look the came from beaches of Lake Superior are incased in frames throughout the Burns Wellness Center at the College of St. Scholastica. A person can reach and touch them. They appeared to be glued to cloth.

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Chain with Duluth touch

  I took this photo at the Kenwood Duluth Caribou Coffee, I like there rough huge paneling, and coffee sized meeting table with the duluth skyline in the inlay of the wood.  Their effort to personalize the coffeeshop to Duluth is appreciated. Also their lighting and lamps are unique.  

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This Memorial Day we had a range of weather, a hard rain, with storms to the west, muggy, then hot and muggy with a bright sun. Then hot, and in the evening back down to the 50s. It was a beautiful day.

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Apple Blossom

  June is busting out all over.

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Spring cleanup wagon

I liked the texture of wood on both the trailer and the sticks. (Neighbors are clearing out their yard.)

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Blue flowers in the weeds

What a delight to see these blossoming flowers. I took the photo amongst some weeds, I don’t know if they are also considered a weed, but I thought they were beautiful.

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Finally some buds

Today Duluth got up to 67 degrees, it felt like summer.

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Warm enough for construction

Today two neighbors were roofing and one neighbor was replacing the siding on his house. Seems like spring is offical here.

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