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Mushroom or Fungus?

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Bee on flower

How many bees do you see? Is the insect on the lower left a bee? Learn more about the importance of bees here: I am my brother’s beekeeper.

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Storm downs trees

  Duluthians awoke to the sounds of thunder. Lighting flashed over and over for 30 minutes. Winds of 60 mph whipped through the airport in Duluth Heights. A ship on Lake Superior reported winds at 72 mph. Trees fell over power lines and streets early this morning. On social media I had some reports of […]

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Tiger lilies begin to bloom

These tiger lillies are now blooming. These tiger lilies are in bloom now, in some other areas with a warmer climate the tiger lilies bloomed a month ago.

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Walking hand-in-hand

This elderly couple walked hand-in-hand. I thought it was appropriate after our sermon yesterday. The preacher talked about the importance of appropriate human touch.

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Blossoms just begin

This morning we had a light dusting of snow and while walking in the crisp  41 degree air today, I noticed these blossoms on a tree. I’m not sure what kind of blossoms they are, but I’m just waiting for some warm days so they will pop.  

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Look who came for lunch

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One day it’s the snow plow, the next the grader

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The rhubarb is sprouting

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High Winds Snap Trees

The wind howled Sunday night and all day Monday. These two trees snapped during the winds. They are near 8th Avenue East and an alley snapped

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