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Busing it

I was in a hurry, to get  home before a thunderstorm, but I saw this bus and couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. I’d like to call it a hillbilly bus, (but I think that may be considered politically incorrect, but just seeing it make me want to break out with the song “Let me tell you a story about about a man named Jed….)or maybe it’s a hippie bus, or maybe it’s just functional and affordable for whoever owns it

Have rifle, will travel

2015 11.06. dddp rifle holder


While we were driving today my husband and I noticed this ATV with a rifle holder or gun boot attached to it. Saturday, Nov. 7 is the opening of Deer hunting and I’m sure this was a party was headed for the north woods to get a headstart on their location. (If you know if the correct term is rifle holder or gun boot, please let me know.

Here is a Column about deering hunting the appeared in the local daily newspaper:

Sam Cook column: Memories stoke a deer hunter’s anticipation