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Low hanging cloud

The clouds hover just feet over Lake Superior. People on Skyline Parkway stood above the clouds

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Dirty Snow Bank

Saturday was a beautiful day. The temp reached up into the 60’s. Our snow has melted but there are some dirty snowbanks left at Miller Hill.

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Typical March

I once got an invitation a birthday party in March and the theme was chicks and blooming flowers, I couldn’t figure out why that was the theme, finally I realized the rest of the nation is usually celebrating spring in March. This is a snowbank on Miller Hill. Scenes like this are quite common in […]

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Cattails among the gritty business area

I noticed these cattails by Walgreen across from the Miller Hill Mall  

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Neighborhood Halloween Decorations

Decorating for Halloween has become quite the thing to do, almost like lighting for Christmas. This house is on N. Oak Bend Road which is considered  Duluth Heights or not  

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Fresh picked

This is such a pretty site among all the asphalt and hustle and bustle of Central Entrance/ Highway 53.  This farmers market is at Central Entrance and Arlington Rd. It is the site of a former BP gas station. Across the street is a brand new Kwik Trip.

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