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Bricks, streetlamp and lines


I originally took this photo because I thought the woman pulling the children in the wagon was sweet. But after looking at it I also like the bricks and the way the Streetlamp and other lines arranged themselves. (Can you see the wagon in the center right of the photo?) Also I can’t quite place the two steeples in the background. I think they are from Saint Josephat Polish National Church, which is at 417 N 3rd Ave E. It’s the only church downtown that I can think of that has two steeples. (The Polish Catholic are different than the Roman Catholic.)

Two seasons: winter and construction

If you’ve live anywhere above 44 latitude in North America knows there are really only two season: winter and road construction. But look at the beautiful blue sky.  The high temp at my house was 72 degrees. I’m sure it was warmer downtown. I was just told it was 83 degrees.

Bonus points: Can you name 3 landmark buildings in the photo?

Top left: Board of Trade Building, it’ s architectural style is romanesque revival

Mid-left:  Duluth Area YMCA.

Top Right: Missabe Building, it’ s architectural style is renaissance revival

A Year in the Wilderness

I was downtown to see a movie at the Zeitgeist and a bicycling crowd gathered around this red canoe. Members of the Sierra Club biked through parts of Duluth with Amy and Dave Freeman, authors of A Year in the Wilderness: Bearing Witness in the Boundary Waters. 

They will be pulling the canoe behind them as they bike the 1,750 miles to Washington D.C. They plan to take their canoe to U.S. senators and congressmen to discuss protecting the Boundary Waters Canoe Areas the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness from the threat of proposed copper mining. The invited members of the public to sign the canoe.

They are National Geographic Adventurers of the year.

Elevate your downtown Duluth experience

Since  construction work has West Superior Street blocked and torn up, downtown merchants are urging customers to use the skywalk. Phase I was delayed due to the significant snowfall from this past weekend. motorists heading east into downtown from I-35 or West Superior Street will be detoured to Michigan Street or up Mesaba Ave to 2nd Street. The west bound lane of Superior Street from 3rd Ave West will close. This link shows the skywalk system. You need to scroll to the bottom before downtown and skywalk appears.

Forecast, windy with whitecaps, blowing sand and gravel

I know technically the above photos isn’t the best photo, but I figured my fans would be disappointed if they didn’t get a look at the our beautiful usually deep blue Lake Superior now colored brown with the whitecaps. The wind blew the cap of my head once, after that I held onto my hat. A blizzard with heavy show is forecasted for Sunday. Minneapolis and South Dakota are getting a blizzard today. We’ll see if Duluth gets a blizzard, but for now, “bundle up and hold on to yer hat!”

Below is the photo that I originally figured I’d use in DDP. I snapped this  a little after 2 p.m. at the Clyde Iron Works Restaurant. It is an old factory, which had been rundown for many years. Now it repurposed as a restaurant and Event Center. Fun Fact: Duluth workers made the steel beams for the Empire State Building at this factory. Read more history here.