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Patio seating NOW available

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Painting in the rain

Two Plein air artist painting in the plain rain on Sunday July 10. “This is what plein air artists do,” Wegler said of painting in the rain.

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The Sjard

The Sjard on July 3.

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Storm front moving in

I was trying to get home before the storm hit. I have to use the umbrella from the care to my back door.

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Robin and fly

I thought it was interesting to see the big fly walking up the screen and a robin perche on a railing.  

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Blossoming tree, perfectly shaped tulips

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Inside the coppertop triangle

If you’ve never been inside the Coppertop church you might wonder what the inside looks like. Click here to see a view from the outside

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  Click to hear the Hallelujah Chorus Alleluia       On the way to Easter Sunday worship service in the Northland.

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Graffiti with and odd message

  “I wasn’t loved as a baby,” written on the back of this auto supply store in Central Hillside

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