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Beauty and Ugly

Ugly Beauty
Ugly Beauty

Today I was downtown on Second Street when I noticed this ship gracefully sliding into the canal. It was odd because this particular area of town is not really too pretty. The Owl’s Club on the left is a private club with most of the windows covered. The next street over is probably one of the blocks in Duluth with the worse reputations. If you look closely you can see the “Wasbasha Bookstore” sign over this “adult” establishment. I am not sure what is in the building to the left, but it looks boarded up. And the huge pole to the right holds up a billboard. Yet int the middle of that my eyes were delighted by this site of this ship gracefully slipping into the Duluth harbor.


This, "Please No HOCKEY STICKS in the hotel lobby" sign as in the Holiday Inn in downtown Duluth on Dec. 18
This, "Please No HOCKEY STICKS in the hotel lobby" sign as in the Holiday Inn in downtown Duluth on Dec. 18

Hockey is a popular sport in Duluth. I am not a sports person and did a quick Internet search to see if there was a tournament in town, but didn’t come up with a specific reason why this was posted. If you know please make a comment.

Wild Ricing Moon

The sculpture is at the University of Minnesota, Duluth
The sculpture is at the University of Minnesota, Duluth

State buildings in Minnesota usually have some nice artwork. This is because of the 1984 “Percent for Art” legislation. Here is a blurb from the Minnesota State Art Board: Minnesota’s 1984 “Percent for Art” legislation, which encourages state building projects with construction or renovation budgets of $500,000 or more to use up to one percent of the total construction budget to purchase or commission original artwork for the site. Minnesota’s Percent for Art in Public Places program is not unique; it is one of 26 state (and over 90 municipal) public art programs around the country that commission work to enliven our shared public spaces, and provide opportunities for artists.

An 89-foot high outdoor sculpture adjacent to the Swenson Science Building makes reference to elements of Duluth’s surrounding native American Ojibwe culture. The sculpture was designed by John David Mooney and is called “Wild Ricing Moon,” and represents the traditional wild rice harvest. “Wild Ricing Moon” was completed on June 2, 2006. (From

You may also read more from the UMD website here, Wild Ricing Moon

Musings about a house

Dr. W. H. Magie

You might not be able to see it but on one of the rectangular stones in the front of these stair “Dr. W. H. Magie” has been carved. I do a lot of walking and have often wondered who Dr. W. H Magie was. Did he live in this house and practice medicine out of the house too?  Was he a young man when the house was built. Did he have a wife and family who were in another part of the house as he visited with patients?  Was his wife happy to live in this house? This house has been converted into an apartment. It seems to be kept up nicely from the outside at least. In the back ard is a barn-type garage. On the top of that building is an apartment unit. Athough it is a big house, it is not as big as some of the manisons further down the street.

I have Googled “Dr. W. H. Magie” in the past and never found anything, but tonight I did find a a few nice blog post about the house. Read Extraordinary Architecture in Duluth, Minnesota from the the Minnesota Country Mouse Folk Blog. Also see another view of the house on the post where you can better see the “Dr. W. H. Magie” here.

Added Feb. 14, 2010 ~ I just heard from the great, great grandson of Dr. H. W. Magie.  H.W. Magie, Jr. wrote a  book named “A Wonderful Country: The Quetico-Superior Stories of Bill Magie” ~ there is a brief history of the senior Magie.

Maybe some day I will learn more about Dr. W. H. Magie. If are a Duluth history buff and know more about the man or the house please leave a comment.

I took this photo in the late afternoon so it is a little bluish and dark. It has become quite the challenge to get a photo while the sun is still up. If I forget about my daily challenge….it is dark before I know it.  Today was another bitterly cold day.

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Humidity: 54%
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December 16, 2009 Rise: Set:
Actual Time 7:47 AM CST 4:20 PM CST
Civil Twilight 7:12 AM CST 4:55 PM CST
Nautical Twilight 6:33 AM CST 5:34 PM CST
Astronomical Twilight 5:56 AM CST 6:11 PM CST
Moon 8:11 AM CST 4:23 PM CST
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