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SuperiorStreetForAllThe S

Superior Street is in the process of being redone. Many are hoping for bike lanes and a more pedestrian-friendly area. I was unaware of this hashtag #SuperiorStreetForAll for the cause of “complete streets.” The term complete streets means taking bicycles and pedestrians and public transportation into consideration.

Below are a couple sentences from a group that is sending a petition around for “complete streets.

With the upcoming reconstruction of Superior Street in downtown Duluth, we have the opportunity to create a thriving, safe, and welcoming business district for everyone who works, lives, recreates, and shops downtown.  I believe accommodating all users supports this vision through the utilization of a “Complete Street” design, including parallel parking, comfortable pedestrian spaces, convenient transit stops, and protected bike lanes.  To not include such facilities would be a step backward in the marketing of Duluth as a great place to invest, to start a career, to raise a family, and to thrive.

Read the whole letter here: