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House of Hearts

Residents decked out their porch with construction paper hearts. Neighbors are placing hearts in their windows as we all struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Every other day MaggieBW and I hunt for Teddy bears or hearts in windows. We’ve seen a few, but most of the time, they are so dark and hard to see in a photo. I was pleasantly surprised to see this house. I hadn’t noticed it the other day.

House porch with colorful hearts in windows and fish
This house is decked out with construction paper hearts. Neighbors are placing hearts in their windows as we all struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hidden art in the neighborhood during quarantine

Yesterday, while walking my dog, we went on a “Teddy Bear Hunt,” something fun for children during this coronavirus quarantine. ( #StayhomeMN ) Neighbors place Teddy Bears in their windows. Well, I thought I had found just about all the Teddy Bears in my neighborhood, so a ventured up Kenwood Avenue and saw many painted rocks strategically placed several feet or yards away from each other. Atlas, yesterday was one of the few days I didn’t bring my camera, so MaggieBW and I went for another walk today. This time I brought my smartphone. I hoped no one had taken the rocks. I wondered if children or college students painted and placed them. Or even a bored quarantined adult. Every few feet was another small rock. 

Today, I set out to capture those painted rocks on my camera. My home thermometer read 42 degrees, so instead of my usual winter coat, I wore a jean jacket. The 20 mph wind whipped my husband’s baseball cap off my head 3 times, sending me to chase it. And the College of St. Scholastica sign read 32 degrees.

The dog and I kept walking. There’s more to tell. But I will end here tonight.
Have you gone Teddy Bear hunting in your neighborhood?
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Stained glass

This stained glass window is in the Miller-Dwan spirituality room. it could also be referred to as a chapel. It is near the gift shop and near the Center for Personal Fitness. I ate lunch at a cafe in the restaurant with my friend, then we had a meditation class in this room. It is a beautiful circular room.

St. Louis River canoeing

I joined the St. Louis River Alliance on a its annual Canoe trip and picnic at Chamber’s Grove to canoe down the St. Louis River and learned a little bit about the ecosystem. We saw a blue heron and a cove which will be rehabilitated to grow wild rice. We also paddled up to a woman’s house that had been flooded when the cliff on the opposite side of the river cause a huge wave to move through her house like a tidal wave. She spoke to us via a mega-phone.