Amerikansuomalaiset – Finnish heritage Americans

Amerikansuomalaiset is the Finnish word for Finnish Americans.

Siniristilippu is the Finnish word for the Finnish flag.

Duluth is one of the few towns in the United States with a notable Finnish population. I’ve seen this car previously, but just had to take a photo tonight. It was like the car was right in front me saying “I’m proud of my Finnish Heritage.”  The Finnish flag is a blue cross against a white background.

Currently, more than one third of Duluth population, which identifies as from European ancestry trace that ansectory to Finland.

From Wikipedia: (In Duluth)  For decades, a Finnish-language daily newspaper, Päivälehti, was published in the city; it was named after the former Grand Duchy of Finland‘s pro-independence leftist paper. The Finnish community of Industrial Workers of the World(IWW) members published a widely read labor newspaper Industrialisti. From 1907 to 1941, the Finnish Socialist Federation and then the IWW operated Work People’s College, an educational institution that taught classes from a working-class, socialist perspective.

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