2 thoughts on “A perfect Duluth Day for a waste-free vegan treat”

  1. Hi Folks, I couldn’t figure out how to add comments within the body of the post right under the video. I also need to learn how to edit videos. But right now I have a bunch of other projects I’m working on. It’s actually amazing that I made this potato salad all by myself. Do you want the recipe?
    Carol and Rebecca, you would be very proud of me. I used walking onions and chives from our garden and arugula growing behind the scare crow. (Those were substitutions) But I did make this all by myself and used produce from our garden. Terry had to show me exactly where every plant was located. The fun part was using the purple flowers from the chives. This is supposed to serve 4 and it’s all gone now.
    Here is the recipe: https://www.meatfreemondays.com/recipes/potato-salad/

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