Mar 252014

This is the detail on a mansion on the 1600 block of East Second Street.

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Sep 162013

Sinclair Lewis once lived in and owned this mansion on Second Street. This is the side entrance because  supposedly he had the front sidewalk blocked off so that people wouldn’t disturb him when he was writing on the front terrace.

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Jan 032013

Sun shines on Mama's Bar in Superior

Classy neighborhood

Exactly one block away

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Dec 112011

Today my husband and I toured area bed and breakfasts during their holiday tour. Duluth has many mansions built during the time or expanding iron ore mining. The Cotton Mansion is full of ornate woodwork. There is a neighborhood called the Mansion District.

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Dec 052011

It’s fun to drive around the mansion district at Christmastime. I think I need to get my tripod out and try to take more photos. I steadied my camera on the car window opening to take this photo. There’s a life-sized Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus in the furthest left hand window, but you can’t see it here.

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Nov 292011

I’ve posted this house previously. I like their elephants. Now they have added a nutcracker, Christmas wreath and a little horse and carriage. As I search through my old posts I see that someone at this house decorates for the seasons. How fun!

You can see we don’t have any snow. And I didn’t realize how green our grass still is until I looked at this photo.

Here is what I wrote on on Oct. 28:

I first posted a photo of this Mansion with the elephants in Aug. of 2010. At that time I wrote:

These elephants welcome visitors to this Congdon home on East Third Street. Elephants are symbols of prosperity, wealth, good luck, strength and power. It also represents perseverance, in that it is an extremely hard working animal. Some worship the elephant so much as to make it their national symbol, such as Thailand. Elephants are also seen as symbols of wisdom and dignity, because of their incredible intelligence and very long life span. In Christian symbolism  the elephant is an icon of temperance, patience, and chastity.

Of course in the United State they are associated with the Republican Party.

Learn more about elephant symbolism here and here.

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May 112011

I took this photo too. It’s a lot more dramatic than the foggy morning photo

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Feb 182011

Well, they have begun to tear down the mansion to make way for the Mega Walgreens. Some other houses will be torn down too. See my post from earlier  The Last Mansion Between Kitchi Gammi Club and 14th Ave. East.

When we were choosing were we would live as we prepared to move to Duluth five years ago, we took a walk around the neighborhood. I remember walking by this house and taking a photo of it to send to my daughter, telling her, this is in the neighborhood. Now it will be torn down so that Walgreens can make a bigger, better big box store.

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Jan 072011

This mansion is located on East Superior Street and the side yard is adjacent to 21st Avenue East. I noticed the lion head had a Santa hat and beard a few weeks ago, but I never had time to stop. Now on January 7, on day after Epiphany, I got a photo. I have taken photos of this mansion in the past.

See Mansion with bushes, Aug. 18, 2010 here.

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Nov 232010

Bluestone wall with fire hydrant, iron fence and auction foreclosure sign

Yep, this is Duluth. How many Duluth items can you see?

I have six listed below, see if you can guess What they are.

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