Sun shines on Shelia’s Place

I liked the way the morning sun shone on this porch and especially the gold and black sign which reads, “Shelia’s Place.” I had heard that the building was named after the late Shelia Wellstone, wife of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone. Shelia Wellstone focused much of her work on domestic violence, assisting survivors and pursuing policies to support its prevention.Shelia’s Place is part of the Women’s Community Development Organization (WCDO, formerly Women’s Transitional Housing Coalition, Inc.)

The mission of WCDO is to create an environment that strengthens a woman’s belief in her ability to influence the direction of her life; and to To develop a range of long-term, safe, affordable housing options for and with low-income women.

I see from the website that Sheila Miller is the Shelia’s Place advocate. I think that that is just a coincidence that they have the same name.

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