Tree trimming in the winter

It seems that every year the tree-trimmers from Minnesota Power are in the alley cutting branches. But once of the workers assumes me it’s only once every ten years. But with the summer storms we’ve had over the years, I know it has been more. There are two workers. Are you able to see them in there chartreuse vests?

There are two workers out in this scene. Do you see them? They are wearing chartreuse vests.

MLK Day and NAACP swearing in of officers

Yesterday I attended the MLK rally. I had been covering Duluth’s MLK events for about 10 years. This is the largest audience I’ve seen. (This year I didn’t participate in the breakfast, march of the ecumentical church service on Sunday eveing.)

The New 2019 NAACP committee sworn in on stage at Duluth’s Symphony Hall in the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center.