The view on Scenic Highway 61

*Hello, long time no see.

It’s nice to have friends who live along the North Shore on Scenic Highway 61, also known as Congdon Blvd. If you’d like to read the history of the Road made famous by Minnesota son, Bob Dylan see this link.  To hear Bob Dylan’s rendition of Highway 62 listen here. Also I was unaware that Johnny Cash wrote a song about Highway 61 Hear it at this link: Highway 61 Revisited/When the Man Comes Around Johnny Cash 

This is the view my husband and I shared from the second floor studio of some friends of ours who attend our church. It was warm in town and at Miller Hill near the mall, but at this location it was very chilly. The lake has the effect. Children played outside while a bonfire burned.

* Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my posts. I’ve started a new part time job and have been exhausted the past couple of weeks. I took the part time job because in the past having a paid job forced me to organize my time. I’m hoping that will be true again and you will be seeing posts from me. ~~~~ Naomi A.K.A. Sun_Dog.



This car up

This is in an Art Deco Building in downtown Duluth. Do you know what building this is?

Find out here.  According to  Zenith City Online: With very little public space to decorate the first-floor lobby became the building’s focal point. Its walls are faced floor-to-ceiling in dark tan Loredo Chiaro marble from Italy. The room’s lighting is concealed behind tilted marble tiles on the upper tiers. All of the metalwork in the lobby—the elevator doors, door trim, mailbox, etc.—is made of polished bronze. Terrazzo floors reflect the gleam of a gold-leaf ceiling.


Bicyclists converge in Duluth

Two trailers full of bicycles sat in the parking lot of the Coppertop parking lot. I’m told it’s a group of Christain bicyclists traveling through Minnesota.

On the Rocks Ministries is a Christian non-profit place for kids to hang out. It looks like they have some very fun activities.


 I lifted this from their website

7th Grade Through Adult
For those longing for adventure, but never sure where to find it…
The OTRM summer bike trip is the experience of a lifetime. This summer, The Rock will be traveling to beautiful Minnesota for an action-packed ten day trip with biking on scenic trails, a visit to Mall of America, and plenty of water fun.
The Rock’s bike trips are a test of endurance and a life changer for many, as well as a fun, unforgettable experience.


This vehicle has been sitting at an autobody shop for the past few day. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this. I have no idea what caused the wreck, but it would be poetic if someone had been texting.

Today as I was driving, I was at an intersection where the cross street had the yield, but a driver of the car blew right through the their yield sign. I noticed he was using a cell phone.