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Large flag

This flag flies over the Kolar Chevorlet dealership near the Miller Hill Mall. I thought it was fitting as Memorial Day is on Monday. The flag is very large, just look at the size compared to the cars in the foreground. Added bonus is the moon, which I didn’t know when I snapped the photo.

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Amerikansuomalaiset – Finnish heritage Americans

Amerikansuomalaiset is the Finnish word for Finnish Americans. Siniristilippu is the Finnish word for the Finnish flag. Duluth is one of the few towns in the United States with a notable Finnish population. I’ve seen this car previously, but just had to take a photo tonight. It was like the car was right in front […]

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For those of you who were wondering, this is the cornerstone of the building I posted previously. It is First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Second Street and Third Avenue West.

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Duluth has several pretty stone building with towers, can you guess which one this is?

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Loaded pickup

I’ve noticed a few pickups loaded with junk lately, that’s why I took this photo. Also can you guess the the Board of Trade building is one of my favorite buildings?

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This mural is on the side of Life House, a drop-in center for homeless and street youth. It’s located on 102 W 1st St, Duluth. The mural was painted by Oscar Lopez a few years ago.

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Lester River Trading Co.

This cute little independently owned gift and antique shop Lester River  Trading Co. is on 28 N 3rd Ave W, Duluth. They always have interesting displaying in their windows. They advertise that they have homespun and vintage goods. (Lester River is on the eastern edge of Duluth. The shop is downtown.)  

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Spring cleanup wagon

I liked the texture of wood on both the trailer and the sticks. (Neighbors are clearing out their yard.)

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The flowing Gooseberry Falls

18 94 14 DDP Gooseberry falls

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