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NorShor Theater

This morning starting out rainy then changed to snow. This is a view of the NorShor Theater which just reopened on Feb. 1.

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Don’t sweep salt and grit into our streams

This photo was actually taken on Friday afternoon. It’s been a close call for the City to know when to have the street sweepers out and when to have the snowplows out. It did snow a bit on Friday. If all the salt and grit runs into our drainage systems it runs into the lake […]

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Deer along Skyline

As I walked along Skyline Parkway, I heard some noise in the brush. It turned out to be four deer. This photo is the most obvious that there is a deer, the others were very camouflaged.

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Explosion at oil refinery

As I was on my way to a meeting I noticed a smokestack in Superior with a little black smoke coming out of it, and a little flame in the smokestack. By time my meeting was over the same area was billowing with black smoke. Superior residents said the explosion rocked their houses. Residents were […]

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Yum, Yum, the church smells good

It’s not fall, but it is the Coppertop’s Roast Beef Dinner tomorrow. The Lakeview Social Hall is filled with parishioners peeling, slicing and cutting apples for homemade apple pies. Seen here are the Rev. Jeanine Alexander and her mother Sharon. Some pies were in the oven as I took this photo and it sure smells […]

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Warm enough for construction

Today two neighbors were roofing and one neighbor was replacing the siding on his house. Seems like spring is offical here.

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Denfeld High School

I took this photo for my DDP fan, Lowell. This is the Denfeld High School Clock Tower, the outside around it is a remodeling job done a couple of years ago. The school was enlarged.

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A Year in the Wilderness

I was downtown to see a movie at the Zeitgeist and a bicycling crowd gathered around this red canoe. Members of the Sierra Club biked through parts of Duluth with Amy and Dave Freeman, authors of A Year in the Wilderness: Bearing Witness in the Boundary Waters.  They will be pulling the canoe behind them as […]

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Patio seating NOW available

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Celebrating spring dogs, kids, teens …

So many people outside today. This little dog up on her owners shoulders caught my attention.  

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