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The Way of Jesus in Downtown Duluth

I spotted this Good Friday, “Stations of the Cross” March on First Street and Third Avenue West  in downtown Duluth around 1 p.m.  It was sponsored by the  Loaves & Fishes community and Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. The cross is held by someone who is walking by the white vehicle.  w

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Cross draped with black cloth

  This cross is in the stairwell of Duluth First United Methodist Church, A.K.A.

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snow floats around on Lake Superior

This photo was taken on Psalm Sunday, March 25. The snow on the lake is shifting around now. sometimes it move toward the Aerial Lift Bridge and sometimes it moves away. The light shining on the snow caught my eye.

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Cross draped with purple

Look at the snow in this yard, but that doesn’t stop this person zest for decorating for Easter. (Same place that is hiding Easter Eggs today as it might snow before Easter.)

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Love One Another

This yard in East Hillside is all decorated for Easter, in fact the owner was outside hiding Easter eggs when I walked by.

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Duluth Women’s Club

The Duluth League of Women Voters held an Equali-Tea event at the Duluth Women’ Club on Saturday.  The Women’s Club is an old mansion converted into a clubhouse. It has many beautifully and stately decorated rooms. The club is rented out for many events. Seen here are Girl Scouts who helped serve at the tea.

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While i was leaving Sarah’s Table I noticed a parent and two children on bikes. I only got the parent and the one kid here. It felt very cold today. It was overcast all day and windy. It must have been a north wind. From the photo you can probably see that it is a […]

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Snow and blue lake water

A high wind broke up the ice on Lake Superior, and snow covered the ice. The pure white snow looks lovely and the blue water changes hues during the day. The other evening the water was a soft turquoise blue. It fun watching the lake ice and water color change.

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Signs of spring in Duluth

This might not be what you would typically expect for a “signs of spring,” post. Notice the sun shining on the footwear, and notice that many are boots by some are sandals or shoes. Either one was appropriate for this day. This was a taken at a ribbon cutting for a new business, Runa Yoga. […]

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The evening sun through stained glass

Evening light shining through stained glass windows between marble columns was stunning on Wednesday evening. This was taken at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary  It’s wonderful that sunlight is with us a little longer in the day. During the service the sun set and the stained glass wasn’t quite as stunning.

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