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Life imitating nature

  The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth – UUCD Building on College Street in Duluth has beautiful windows looking out to a natural setting. It’s hard to see in this photo by the window panes are white and imitate the birch trees. The congregation has brought many natural elements inside like trees and a waterfall.

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Snowbanks over her shoulders

We have a “low” dog. She has basset hound blood. I couldn’t get her to stop at the best spot so this will have to suffice. Hubby says it got up to 40 degrees today. You can see the puddle of water near the top of the photo. This kind of weather worries me because […]

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Snowy streets

Today Duluth’s streets were full of snow as it snowed much of the night. The main thoroughfares were plowed, but many side streets and alleys were not. Many people were stuck in their homes or literally got their vehicles stuck. I was going to try to walk to church, but the sidewalks were not clear […]

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Snow puppies

    Lots of snow today, and as we went for a walk we met a 7 week old puppy.

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Thanks for a nod from Perfect Duluth Day

Thanks to Perfect Duluth Day for naming Duluth Daily Photo as on eof the “Duluthiest” blogs. They have inspired me to keep going. I took time off a year ago, and from about January – June 2017 I took care of my Mom who was failing of kidney disease. She died June 14. I’ve been […]

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View of Garfield Avenue

Today I rode by Enger Tower. The view of the lake and the industrial area is always spectacular. This photo doesn’t do it justice. And the trees in front cut of the grain elevators. Notice the open lake to the left.

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Winter walk in fluffy snow

Today many people were still shoveling out from a snowstorm this weekend into Monday. The sky was blue and the temp was 24 degrees —balmy! More snow is in the forecast. I hate shoveling, but I have friends who love it, so I’m trying to channel their energy. As a dog walker I really appreciate […]

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