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Yellow Roadster for Skyline Parkway

Today a The Skyline Parkway Planning and Preservation Alliance held big party in Chester Bowl to celebrate 125 years. Everyone was encouraged to BYOP — bring your own picnic items. And Alliance provided the cake and ice-cream as well as games and a Dixieland band. ┬áMy mother┬áreally likes the color yellow, so as I scanned […]

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Ripe Raspberries in Duluth


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A grateful public

Wednesday while I driving on Superior Street by Condgon Creek I saw a Thank you sign to the power crews. I thought about stopping and taking a photo. The sign was made of cardboard and attached to a utility pole. I was busy so I didn’t stop, On Thursday I looked for it, but it […]

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These kids are selling Lemonade on Superior Street in Lester Park

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Congdon downed tree

This house is in the Congdon Neighborhood.

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Downed tree

This house is near Chester Park. It is the aftermath of the early Thursday morning storm with hurricane force winds. As you can see they have electrical power. Some neighborhoods still do not have power. This will be the fifth day of no power for some. Minnesota Power is saying some people will not get […]

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Trees down in Canal Park

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Sunset via Lake Superior


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Storm downs trees

  Duluthians awoke to the sounds of thunder. Lighting flashed over and over for 30 minutes. Winds of 60 mph whipped through the airport in Duluth Heights. A ship on Lake Superior reported winds at 72 mph. Trees fell over power lines and streets early this morning. On social media I had some reports of […]

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Tiger lilies begin to bloom

These tiger lillies are now blooming. These tiger lilies are in bloom now, in some other areas with a warmer climate the tiger lilies bloomed a month ago.

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