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  Did you miss a photo yesterday? This photo got stuck in draft and didn’t get send out this morning. Even though it wasn’t raining these drops formed at the ends of an evergreen tree’s branches. Either because it was so foggy or because it was warm enough that the snow was melting off the […]

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Spring cleaning

The city of Duluth has decided that it is time for spring cleaning. Several street sweepers scrubbed the winter grit off both the streets and the sidewalks today.

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Maple sapping

I noticed these blue bags at Bagley Park near the university I assume the blue bags are to collect maple sap.

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  Click to hear the Hallelujah Chorus Alleluia       On the way to Easter Sunday worship service in the Northland.

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A heavy dusting

We woke up to a flocking of snow in Duluth Staurday morning. It wasn’t much but it is a heavy, wet snow.  

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A new food co-op

    The local food co-op built a shiny, sleek new store in the Denfeld neighborhood on 4426 Grand Avenue. I enjoyed soup from the deli  A seating area with a view of the Denfeld high school clock tower sits in the front toward the back.

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Typical March

I once got an invitation a birthday party in March and the theme was chicks and blooming flowers, I couldn’t figure out why that was the theme, finally I realized the rest of the nation is usually celebrating spring in March. This is a snowbank on Miller Hill. Scenes like this are quite common in […]

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Architectural detail

I am not sure what this is called. It is not a cornice, which is a horizontal decorative molding that crowns a building, but I don’t know the correct term for it. Maybe it’s just a terra-cotta detail. This is at the top of the Greysolon Plaza on East Superior Street.  

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A mansion window facing Lake Superior

Today I attended a tea, which was held at the the Duluth Women’s Club, and old mansion on East Superior Street. This is one of the rooms. This window has a view of  Lake Superior.

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Cattails among the gritty business area

I noticed these cattails by Walgreen across from the Miller Hill Mall  

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